Tavern 101 Bar and Grill

28434 Roadside Drive

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

(818) 991-7227

Tavern 101

My grandparents are insane.  Both are in their early 80s and still running.  Like actual races.  Recently, my grandfather decided that marathons were just too much for him at this age and cut back to “just” 1/2 marathons.  He also runs 5Ks when my grandmother is there to accompany him, since 3 miles is just about the right distance for her.  Crazies.

Anyways, tonight they were preparing to run the Great Race of Agoura Hills, which is actually one of my favorite races, but I can’t take apart of this year because I am on call this weekend.  Boo.

They decided to stay at a hotel nearby so that they wouldn’t have to run in the morning, and invited us out to dinner in Agoura.  Their favorite jazz singer was performing at Tavern 101 and we met them there for happy hour.  We caught up over wine and beer while listening to some great jazz music, and then enjoyed a fabulous dinner.  Soooo good.  Matt and I shared the brisket, which came with 2 sides (we chose sweet potato fries and mac and cheese).  Mom had a prime rib sandwich, which looked awesome.  And Grandma and Grandpa shared the fish and chips…and a couple of beers for carbo loading 😉

Tavern 101

This place is kinda hidden, be careful when driving by…it’s easy to pass.  We had to drive by past before we actually found this place.  But once we did actually find it, we had a great time and a great dinner.  We will definitely be going back for seconds!

Tavern 101

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