Prices: $$
Service: Excellent

I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for YEARS. Probably since my time working for Disney…yes, I was employed by Disney one summer long long ago.

The Ralph Brennon’s Jazz Kitchen ( is located in Downtown Disney, and includes its own “quick service dining facility” aka The Jazz Kitchen Express, and a New Orleans-Style Jazz club.

Every time I have gone to Disneyland, which is pretty frequently, we walk by the Jazz Kitchen and decide “this is where we are going to eat tonight”. But, but the time we’ve shoved our faces full of corn dogs and ice-cream and other Disney yumminess in the Park, we are too exhausted and full to go eat nice food.

This time was different. No, we did not slow down on Disney junk, but we made room for a New Orleans feast. And it was sooooo worth it!

We started out the meal with French Onion soup and Shrimp Risotto. Now, risotto is always my go to if I see it on a menu, but this Risotto was something else. So delicious and amazing! The soup was good too, Matt took care of that no problem.

The Jazz Kitchen

For the main course, we decided to share the Grilled Medallions of Beef (Filet mignon, crawfish mashed potatoes, bacon & pecan-crusted green beans, with a zinfandel reduction). Matt thought that we should each get our own meal…silly boy, we had been eating alllll day! I managed to talk him into sharing with me and we were both totally stuffed before the food was gone.

Jazz Kitchen

For dessert we couldn’t turn down the beignets, which were warm and fried, and topped with powder sugar. We dove into them so fast that I forgot to take a picture. Ooops, next time!

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