The dream was to go on a wonderful, fabulous, exotic vacation after graduation.  Unfortunately, I had to start work right away and only got a couple of weeks off.  Instead of my wonderful, fabulous, exotic vacation – which would have been more stressful than necessary due to time and money constraints – we decide to explore Los Angeles in the ways that we always said we would.  Matt’s never been to the LA Zoo, to Griffith Park, and its been way too long since we’ve been to the beach.
MessHall Menu
So…one Thursday morning we decided that it was the day to explore Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory.  But…we needed sustenance first.  I’m not super familiar with that area of LA, so we just drove around until we stumbled upon the MessHall (

Best. Food. Ever.
Onion Soup MessHall Restaurant Los Angeles
We ordered the French onion soup to start, and I could have eaten an entire vat of it.  So delicious.  The soup was followed by fish and chips for me and Matt’s usual, a hamburger.
Fish and Chips - MessHall
Hamburger - MessHall
According to Yelp, I was supposed to save room for the Banana Cream Pie Jar, but that didn’t happen.  Guess now I have an excuse to go back!

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  1. Love the site! Could you also include info about price and service quality? This would definitely help me in choosing to go to the restaurant.

    Also it looks as if you missed a letter in your header graphic. The search box covers up the bottom of the “y”. You might want to adjust that.

    Keep it up

    • Thanks Matt!

      I’ve been having problems with the spacing on the mobile site and everything getting compressed. I’m going to look into figuring out how to make the search box disappear =D

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