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  1. Hi there,

    We have launched a new website http://www.recipesgawker.com, a community for food bloggers and food lovers. This website is based on Pinterest concept but specific to food. You can pin, organize and share your wonderful recipes here. Appreciate if you can join our community and start pinning recipes.

    Happy pinning!

    Recipes Gawker team

  2. Dear FoodieAnonymous,

    we are Expo worldrecipes Team, the global cookbook of Expo Milano 2015. Visit the portal http://worldrecipes.expo2015.org/en/ and be part of the project.

    You will share you best recipes and your passion for food with chefs, media publisher, foodbloggers and association from all over the world.
    Take part is very simple: register at http://community-worldrecipes.expo2015.org/en, create your profile and write in your recipes.

    Expo worldrecipes will give you a unique worldwide visibility. Everyone in the world could see your contents.

    Now it’s up to you! Enjoy our food-community and be part of Expo!

    The Expo worldrecipes Team

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